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Lead Mentor
Powered By Huddle

Extending the Huddle mentor network and incubation support to entrepreneurs across coworking spaces and educational institutions, with a view to create a greater impact in the startup ecosystem.

Powered by Huddle
Powered by Huddle

HealthStart and Huddle have collaborated to co-incubate promising startups working towards creating an impact in the healthcare product and services sectors in India.

Dedicated Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship led by HealthStart and Huddle mentors to cater to each ventures’ specific goals. HealthStart founding committee along with the Huddle mentor network works closely with each of the ventures to extend their deep-rooted expertise.

Investment Opportunity

Shortlisted startups have the opportunity to raise up to INR 25 Lakhs at the start or during the course of the incubation term. With HealthStart’s venture arm, ventures have access to not only seed capital, but also follow-on investment.

Network Access

By bringing together the HealthStart-Huddle portfolio companies, startups have the opportunity to work smarter and leverage strengths of companies at various stages to accelerate their development.

No startup is the same and neither is the way we Huddle.