How we huddle with ventures

Backing ventures where we have internal expertise

Primary thesis creation through internal research is the first fundamental step to bringing on contextual ventures

Providing resources in addition to capital support

Providing non-fiscal resources prior to investing, helps founders gain traction with speed, ease and frugality

Macro advising isn’t sufficient support

Mentorship via domain specific support backed by readily available functionalities aids in fail-safe growth

Growth should not come at a cost

Enabling business development helps strengthen formative stages by conserving time and capital

One size does not fit all

Frequent touch points, quick adaptation, frugal experimentation of business models require active support on a weekly basis

Acceleration is not a cookie cutter model

Contextual support basis each start-up’s milestones helps them succeed; generic workshops and lectures don’t

Working as non-operational founders with our portfolio allows us to vet founder dynamics, execution and problem-solving ability, and determine future potential

Huddle engages with ventures through various stages, starting from MVP to growth

  • Evaluating value proposition and defensibility
  • Sector focussed research
  • Identify target audience
  • Creating revenue models
Product Development
  • Validating product flow
  • Proof of concept deployment
  • Analysing market data
  • Refine product/service, from results of POC
  • Go to market strategy
Early Validation
  • Establishing pilot contracts
  • Formulating compliances
  • Refining model basis early data
  • Distribution avenues via B2B/B2C connects
Rising Revenue
  • Investment structuring and fundraising
  • Marketing strategy
  • Profiling and PR for venture
  • Creating pitch and story line for investors
  • Path to profitability
  • Strategy planning as per next round metrics
  • Building a business development plan and contextual pitches
  • Testing out newer products/services/markets
  • Leadership hiring, growth capital planning

No startup is the same and neither is the way we Huddle.